Gridiron Foundation Of TriumphInspired by his experience, struggle and success as a college athlete–turned professional football player, business owner, father and humanitarian, Alphonso Roundtree attributes his success to setting goals and having the discipline, determination education and guidance to achieve them.

With a goal of making a difference off the field, Roundtree established the Gridiron Foundation of Triumph (G.I.F.T.) to meet the unmet needs and address the void in life-skills, opportunities and education in under-served communities. 

As the presenters of the annual Gridiron Classic, the mission of Roundtree’s non-profit foundation is to provide youth with access to athletic, academic, and life-transforming experiences that enrich the lives of children ages 8-17.

Beginning with his home-base in Houston, Roundtree has been committed to using his trials as a high school, collegiate and professional athlete to help motivate, elevate and enrich the lives of youth. Now as a family man, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Roundtree continues to grow the organization’s outreach and scope each year to reach young people throughout the country.

During his Gridiron Classic, Roundtree along with other former and current professional athletes host an exhilarating weekend where celebrities, community & corporate partners, as well as business leaders donate their time to motivate young people to be physically active and achieve balanced, healthy lives.  Roundtree, through his Gridiron Classic has attracted the support of prominent business and community service leaders including, Reliant/NRG, McDonald’s, Cadillac, Nike, Gatorade, Wells Fargo and others.

Roundtree’s vision backed by sponsors like these have taken The Gridiron Classic now in it’s third year, beyond Houston and into Washington DC, Chicago and Philadelphia --to make it a national event that promises to grow stronger and increase its outreach every year.

Roundtree continues to use his platform as an NFL alumnus to empower young men and women and to champion issues that lead to the betterment of the nation’s youth.