Gridiron Foundation Of Triumph(The G.I.F.T). The G.I.F.T provides kids with athletic training, academic training and life-skills training year-round. The G.I.F.T gives the youth access to support that will encourage and empower them to excel and exceed in life. The Mission of the G.I.F.T is to empower our youth and the community to be prepared to be triumphant in life.

Since 2009, The G.I.F.T family has been mentoring adolescents and teens to excel, motivating them by instilling confidence and the values of professionalism, teamwork, leadership, self-motivation, self-determination and an appreciation for hard work.

We are a non-profit organization that depends on private donors, foundations and sponsors to do the work that we do. Our donors’ investments fuel the long-term mission and efforts of both the Gridiron Classic and the G.I.F.T